Top Tier Wines is dedicated to bringing you the finest wines, in perfect condition, at very low prices.  We started importing wine from Europe over fifteen years ago, mostly for our own collection.  Friends and colleagues often asked us to buy wine for them, which we were pleased to do, and now we are doing that for collectors and consumers in a more organized way through this company.

We only buy wines that we know to be outstanding, either by having tasted them ourselves or by the recommendation of wine critics whom we trust.  Most of the wines you will find here are rated 98-100 by The Wine Advocate, The Wine Spectator, Vinous, or James Suckling (and who we trust depends on what region the wine is from).  But scores alone are not everything.  We have done blind tastings and vertical tastings which sometimes uncover wines that are truly great but which the critics seemed to miss.  These wines tend to be less expensive and as we find such wines, we will offer them to you, tell you the ratings and why we think you will love them.  There is no wine that will be offered here that we would not drink ourselves.

We will also only buy wines which we can offer to you at one of the lowest prices in the United States. Our markup is very small as we want to continue to help our friends find, buy, and enjoy the world’s best wine.  In order to keep prices low, we are keeping our IT and logistics costs down, so we may not have all the features of some other sites, but our goal is to have better wine at better prices.

Because we are a new, small family run company, and we don’t carry bulk wine, we will not have thousands of wines to sell at any given time.  However, from time to time we will sell some wines from the huge collection we have amassed over the last thirty years, and these should be great for collectors who want rare wines that are ready to drink.  All the wines have been stored at 55 degrees and 70-75% humidity. The best way to make sure you see these offers is to get on our email list.